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Best Golf Balls

Without a doubt, golf balls are the most overlooked item in an amateur’s golf bag. Many weekend warriors will spend hundreds of dollars on a club fitting from a professional but when the time comes to choose a golf ball, they become far more concerned with price over quality. Those who manufacture golfing equipment have spent tens of millions on creating the perfect ball to fit an amateur’s swing but most don’t take the time to dig into the details of what would work best for them.

What separates golf balls, other than price, is how they are constructed. The premium golf ball, such as Titleist’s ProV1 series, features an interior containing multi-layered core with a cover made from urethane. Golf balls featuring this construction usually earn their price around the green. The urethane cover allows for greater spin and control around the green. The premium ball flies a slightly further too, but the difference isn’t the primary reason to run out and drop $50 on a dozen.

Cheaper golf balls are usually made with far less material. Instead of multiple layers, the company will create a golf ball using different substances. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t feature a urethane cover, but most of these golf balls, for example, feature a cover made from surlyn. If a golfer is still finds their average sitting in the mid-90’s then perhaps the higher-end model isn’t the one for them. That said, many amateurs can still tell a noticeable difference when they strike a lower end ball against a premium model like the Callaway Chrome series.

So what’s the best golf ball for your skill level? Here are the best choices on the market based upon your expertise around the golf course. 


Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball for Beginners

Despite not having the name recognition of Titlest and Callaway, Bridgestone makes some of the best quality and affordable golf balls for the amateur today. With the endorsement signing of Tiger Woods, Bridgestone also took the opportunity to introduce the e6 Soft and e6 Speed models. The e6 Soft is for the amateur looking for additional control around the greens. For the golfer looking for distance and stability in his golf ball then the e6 Speed is the ball for you. Both models are incredibly affordable and a great entry golf ball for those looking to put in the time to lower their score without emptying their wallets in the process. 

Bridgestone e6 golf balls
  • New “Delta Dimple” design for smoother, straighter shots.
  • Advanced cover construction works well around the greens. 
  • Very affordable, high quality entry ball for the beginner. 
  • Lacks the finesse of the more expensive, premium golf balls but that doesn’t mean it won’t perform for the amateur on a budget looking for a quality model to knock around on the weekend. 

Volvik Vivid Golf Ball for Beginners

The most fun golf ball on the beginner’s list is the Volvik Vivid golf ball. With a wide variety of neon colors and a matte finish, the Volvik Vivid is an absolute blast to play for the improving amateur. The ball features a three-piece interior that provides incredible distance off the tee and on those long second shots on a lengthy par-5. With a low-compression core that is maximized for lower-to-medium speed swings, the Vivid series makes it easier to find your golf ball on the days when the swing isn’t locked in. Around the greens, the Vivid works well with consistent and soft feel. 

 Volvik Vivid Golf Ball
  • Bright vivid color increases visibility in air and once the ball needs to be found on the ground. Longer, straighter, more consistent ball flight for an affordable price.
  • Extremely soft feel by matte finish outer layer. 
  • Vivid provides a higher quality version of the colored golf ball that most amateurs were raised upon.
  • Terrific feel and maximized distance for a lower priced golf ball. 
  • Doesn’t have the advanced core of higher priced models but still provides the features of a solidly constructed golf ball. 

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball for Beginners

Callaway Supersoft is the company’s entry into the moderately priced golf ball market. That doesn’t mean that quality has been sacrificed by Callaway with their popular Supersoft model. The new version of the Supersoft has be redesigned with an emphasis on more spin around the greens without losing that distance the the brand is known for in the golfing world. A newly created cover for the golf ball is softer for more shot-making ability with wedges around the hole. 

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball
  •  Improved core designed to promote faster ball speed and low spin for longer, straighter flight on full shots.
  • New Premium HEX Aerodynamics with more refined surface contours reduces drag and enhances lift for increased carry and longer distance.
  • New Tri-onomer cover formulation increases softness for better feel and more shot-stopping wedge spin. 

 The gold standard for the beginner level with the distance and feel of a golf ball that’s twice the price.


Doesn’t have the construction of a higher-end golf ball but that doesn’t mean that the golf ball is a poor performer. 

Titlest Pro V1 Golf Ball for Low Handicapper

The most popular golf ball from PGA Tour pros to the advanced weekend warrior is the Titlest Pro V1 series. This year’s edition of the Pro V1 offers the same multilayered, high quality construction that is a cornerstone of its’ reputation as the top ball on the market. But there is a twist to the Pro V1 model as opposed to its’ brother, the Pro V1x. The V1 has made adjustments to the dimple pattern in order to reduce spin and therefore allow the mid-range handicapper the opportunity to hit straighter shots while still getting the feel of the softer cover of the V1 series. The V1x is still the preferred edition for the low-handicap amateur looking for more control and spin on their shots. 

Titlest Pro V1 Golf Ball
  • New dimple system to help with consistency.
  • Soft urethane cover for optimum feel and spin with each shot.
  • Multi-layered construction that works well around greens and shorter entry shots. 
  • Most popular ball earns its’ reputation with length off the tee and superior performance around the greens.

 One of the most expensive golf balls on the market but the price is equal to the performance of the Pro V1. 

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball for Low Handicappers

The Chrome Soft series is the premium golf ball entry into the market for Callaway. Touting a firmer version from previous Chrome Soft editions, the newest issue from Callaway features maximum speed and distance off the tee. But this doesn’t mean that the firmer version sacrifices feel around the green. It is a terrific golf ball for those second shots into the hole, featuring a higher, straighter flight path, the Chrome Soft offers a soft landing with the high-numbered irons for shorter birdie putts. There is a TP5x version as well for the advanced golfer who is looking for as Callaway puts it, the ability to hit shots with “piercing and workable” flight.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball
  • The 4-piece construction and Dual SoftFast Core provide higher ball speeds and optimal spin rates to maximize performance through the bag.
  • The 4-piece construction, mantle layer and Tour Urethane Cover combine for even more control throughout the bag.
  • The Dual SoftFast Core lets you compress the ball on iron shots for long, straight flight. 
  • Maximum distance off the tee with the ability hit softer shots around the green. 
  • Although expensive, this is a terrific upgrade for the amateur looking to make the jump into higher-end golf balls. 

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball for Advanced Golfers

TaylorMade’s addition to the premium golf ball market is the TP5 series. In the way that TaylorMade has created the pristine reputation for creating top-notch woods and irons, the same is true of their TP5 series golf balls. Optimizing a five-layer Tri-Fast core with cover designed slightly thicker than other competitive premium golf balls for maximum spin and control around the greens. The TP5x version provides even greater spin and feel for the advanced golfer looking to shape their shots with confidence. Another great feature of the TP5 series is its’ performance in windy conditions. With the thicker cover of the TP5, the golfer experiences the softer feel of the high-end golf ball but with less spin so it is less affected by the wind so shots stay straighter. 

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball
  •  Dual Spin cover features soft urethane for maximum spin and control around the green and exceptional feel.
  • Tri-Fast Core creates low spin and fast ball speeds for maximum distance.
  • The TP5 will also produce a slightly flatter trajectory than the TP5x for more control and distance for higher handicappers. 
  • Thicker cover than other premium golf balls allows for softer feel and more control on entry shots into greens.
  • The TP5’s price point sits close to the top of market but for the advanced golfer, the performance is worth the cost. 

When choosing the best golf ball, the amateur golfer has to make a proper assessment of their skill level and tailor their choice towards what works best for them. Whether it is a need for more distance or if lowering scores demand a golf ball with more feel around the green, the list above as the right golf ball for you.