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Best Golf Training Aids & Swing Analyzers

Best Golf Training Aids & Swing Analyzers

The best golf training aids for the amateur offer both simplicity and performance. Since the golfer is using the item at home or on the driving range, the device must be easy to learn and transport. Also, another hurdle the best golf training aids must climb is there must be a definite improvement that the golfer sees when they hit the course.

Golf training aids are as sophisticated as they have ever been ranging from simulators that can go in a game room to advanced swing aids that cost less than a fast food hamburger. When searching amongst the numerous golf training aids on the market, you need to have a clear and direct purpose. For example, if you are hoping to help your body position when addressing the golf ball because you’ve noticed that your shots don’t seem to be following the shot line, then alignment rods are the perfect training device for you. Shopping aimlessly and hoping that you’ll stumble across an item that will dramatically improve your golf game is a pointless exercise.

Also, when you determine which training aid is right for you, don’t look for the cheapest model available. Most items on the best golf training aids list are inexpensive yet highly dependable items for improving your overall game. They provide a solid starting point for your journey to a better game.

Golf Swing Alignment Rods

The Swing Alignment Rods by David Ledbetter are the perfect golf swing trainer for helping the amateur that is struggling with their body position when addressing the golf ball. This vital area, which gets overlooked by amateurs often, leads to wayward shots and higher scores if not maintained through practice. The rods give the golfer a simple and easy method to stay in alignment with their feet, hips and upper body.

golf swing alignment rods
  • The 44” golf alignment sticks are easily stored in your golf bag and are perfect for a day at the range.
  • Constructed from lightweight fiberglass, the rods are UV-coated to maintain the current look and prevent fading.
  • The rods come with a detailed book of drills for activities that will keep your game sharp and in tune.
  • Ledbetter has included an instructional booklet with drills used by golfers around the world.
  • Perfect for the golfer looking for a clean and comfortable way to keep his swing in alignment. Those looking for more advanced golf swing trainers will be disappointed.

SKLZ Impact Golf Balls

For golfers who like taking full swings in their practice time but don’t want the hassle of traveling to the range, the SKLZ Impact golf balls are the perfect golf training aid. One of the best golf training balls on the market, the Impact golf balls allow a golfer to start practicing anywhere without concern.

golf training balls
  • The regulation size golf balls allow golfers to replicate the feel of hitting a real golf ball without worrying about the long distance and damage a golf ball could cause. 
  • With a design that is indestructible and resistant to dents, the SKLZ Impact golf balls are a reliable alternative to outdated plastic training golf balls.
  • Soft golf balls damage free practice
  • Impact golf balls only fly 45 yards making them perfect to take to a nearby sports field or park.
  • The SKLZ golf balls allow amateurs to practice in small spaces with their limited-flight design.
  • Doesn’t replicate the feel of hitting a real golf ball but for those who love convenience, the SKLZ Impact golf balls are a terrific alternative. 

Izzo Smooth Golf Swing Traininer

The Izzo Smooth Golf Swing Trainer is a simplistic, yet high effective golf swing trainer that promotes a correct, one-piece takeaway. Keeping the body synced with the arms, the Izzo Smooth Swing is excellent for amateurs golfers who feel their mechanics need a proper reminder on the driving range.

golf training aids
  • The one-size-fits-all device improves the efficiency of a golfer’s swing with an emphasis on developing accuracy and distance.
  • The Izzo Smooth Swing works for either handed golfer and is made from highly stretchable neoprene.
  • The Smooth Swing helps align the golfer’s arms for creating an efficient swing plane.
  • Boosts the ability for an amateur to replicate a fundamentally correct swing with each practice session.
  • Hard to fault, the Smooth Swing is one of the best and most inexpensive aids for keeping your golf swing on plane.

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

By creating muscle memory for maintaining the correct golf grip on the golf club, the SKLZ Grip Trainer is one of the best golf training aids for the amateur looking to make immediate improvements to their game. By attaching to your current set of clubs, the Grip Trainer gives you the proper feel and look of a fundamentally sound golf grip for your swing.

golf training aids
  • Small enough to take everywhere, the SKLZ Grip Trainer is the perfect golf training aid for hitting the range before the round.
  • Promotes proper grip and forces the golfer to use the correct hand placement on every swing.
  • Improperly gripping the golf club is a significant problem for amateurs, the Grip Trainer corrects this issue with straightforward ease and intelligence.
  • For the price of a cup of coffee, the SKLZ Grip Trainer gives you the proper hand alignment on the golf club. 
  • Can’t knock this inexpensive and wonderfully smart golfing aid.

SelfieGOLF - Cell Phone Clip Holder and Training Aid

The SelfieGOLF recording golf swing system provides amateurs an inexpensive way to record their golf swing. Working on all surfaces, the SelfieGOLF adapts to all smartphone designs with a clip-on design that is practical and innovative.

record golf swing
  • SelfieGOLF provides the golfer the ability to film and capture every swing without shaking.
  • Utilizes your current cellphone’s camera for shooting great video that can be used to analyze and improve your golf swing.
  • Attaching to all types of golf bags, the SelfieGOLF also fits all standard aim sticks and golf clubs as well.
  • Small and compact, the SelfieGOLF is a stable and secure method of grabbing your swing on video.
  • Easy to record your golf swing
  • Nothing to knock here, the SelfieGOLF is a terrific device for the amateur looking to improve their golf game.

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator


The world’s number one in-home golf simulator has become available to amateurs in a clean and concise package with the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator. Perfect for a garage or large game room, the OptiShot2 is not only a great golf swing trainer but also a centerpiece for entertaining friends and family.

optishot2 reviews
  • With precision, the OptiShot2 can track your swing over time for accurate data representation.
  • The ability to see detailed information so that you can correct any swing flaws on the spot is a terrific feature of the OptiShot2.
  • The OptiShot2 is preloaded with 15 of the world’s most magnificent courses such as Torrey Black, Twisted Twig, and Palm Desert.
  • For those golfers who spend hundreds each week on green fees, the OptiShot2 can pay for itself with its’ durability and ease of use.
  • A pricey way to get a round in, the OptiShot2 is for golfers that can afford an in-home solution to practice.

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer is a brilliant invention that utilizes a small clip on your golf glove to send information to your smartphone for 3D swing analysis. Measuring club speed, tempo, backswing length and swing plane, the analyzer gives instant feedback that can help immediately during a round or range session.

golf swing analyzer
  • An eight-hour battery life assures the golfer that the Zepp analyzer will last over 18 holes.
  • The Zepp can record your swing in high definition video for comparison with professionals.
  • The analyzer provides the ability to record your swing from any angle.
  • Based on your swing data, the Zepp provides personalized training programs from professional golfers and the best coaches in the world.
  • Perhaps pricier than some golfers would like to spend on a training aid, the Zepp is an excellent value for those amateurs looking for more detailed feedback.

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle | 10x7ft Haack Golf Net | Tri Turf Hitting Mat | Carry Bag

The Rukket Golf Bundle is an all-in-one package that gives you the opportunity to create a driving range in any backyard or garage. With a durable net, high-quality mat, and a bag that makes transportation simple, the bundle offers one of the best golf hitting net experiences on the market.

best golf training aids
  • A heavy-duty mat that can take the wear-and-tear of hitting hundreds of golf balls.
  • The simple-to-use ball return makes real-life practice fun and easy.
  • Ability to create one of the best backyard net setups that money can buy for an amateur.
  • The net can be set up in two minutes, making this bundle a perfect package for the golfer on the go.
  • Might be harder to use for those who don’t have space to set up the net correctly, but the Rukket bundle is an inexpensive way to put in the practice time to improve your score.

Golf Training aids can be an invaluable resource with the right research and proper use. When choosing the device that is right for you, consider the practicality of the product and how it can enhance your golfing experience.