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Guide to Buying the Best Golf Bag

best golf bags

When deciding on the right golf bag for your clubs, the variety of choices and styles that manufacturers offer can make a seemingly easy decision, an incredibly difficult one.

The first choice you must make when replacing that old and worn-out bag is deciding on the function that matches how you play the game. If you plan on taking Mark Twain's advice and never spoiling a good walk across 18 holes, then a staff or cart bag is the right model for you. But if golf provides an avenue for exercise, then a stand bag is the right choice.

Associated with the professional golfer, a staff bag is usually the most expensive golf bags you'll find on the market. Due to its' size and generous features, staff bags do offer multiple pockets for items such as towels, gloves, balls, rain gear and an umbrella. A staff bag is a great option for those who can afford the model.

But for those golfers looking for a lightweight golf bag with the similar features of a staff bag then the cart bag is the choice for you. Less hefty than a staff bag, the cart bag offers an excellent alternative for the golfer looking for the multiple pocket storage of a staff bag but without the added cost.

Finally, the stand bag is for the golfer on the move. Nothing goes to waste in the design of the stand bag. With long pockets, this lightweight alternative to a cart bag can store your essentials safely. What makes the stand bag a favorite of golfers around the world is the strap system and the two retractable legs for ease of use when walking. The straps allow the golf bag to be carried along the shoulders of the golfer with even weight distribution. The popout legs allow clubs to stay clean and offer easy access when on the course or the range. With substantial flexibility, stand bags are a terrific addition to the best golf bags available on the market.

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

The Callaway Capital Stand Golf Bag is a terrific choice for golfers looking for an entry level into the stand bag market. Lightweight and accessible, the Capital Stand Bag is one of the best golf bags for the golfer who only plays a few times a year. With multiple pockets, this bag offers an excellent and inexpensive alternative to higher priced staff or cart bags.

best golf bags
  • The five-way organization top with full-length dividers keeps your golf clubs protected from the clubhead to the grip.
  • Lightweight and with a mesh hip pad, the Capital prevents rubbing and irritation against the skin for pain-free walks along the golf course.
  • The multiple pocket design removes the worry of damage to your valuables.
  • An updated strap system provides a comfortable and lightweight ride on your shoulders. 
  • Golfers looking for the bells and whistles of a staff bag will be disappointed here. This is a solid, straightforward addition to the best lightweight golf carry bags market.

Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Golf Bag

Perfect for a quick trip to the range or a par-3 course, the Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag is less than two pounds and offers a terrific alternative for the golfer on the go. With the ability to carry six to seven clubs, the Pitch and Putt Stand Bag can make a lunch trip to the range fun and easy. With solid construction, the stand bag is compact enough to fit in any back seat yet comfortable to carry for a quick nine holes.

lightweight golf bag
  • Ultra lightweight golf bag that doesn’t burden the walking golfer.
  • One accessory pocket streamlines the weight of golfing accessories.
  • Durable carry handle and strap system allow for comfortable carrying.
  • The bag weighs a microscopic 1.95 pounds.
  • Despite size, provides enough room for as many as 6 or 7 clubs comfortably.
  • The one pocket system is large enough for balls, tees, pencil and ball marker.
  • Doesn’t have the storage of bigger bags but that's the point. One of the most durable carry bags available.

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

For the golfer looking for the features of an advanced stand bag without the additional cost, the TaylorMade 5.0 Stand Golf Bag is the perfect choice for hitting the links. With a five-way top, six pockets, rain hood, and a molded hip pad for comfort, the 5.0 bag provides convenience and security. The stand system on the TaylorMade 5.0 bag has non-slip foot pads for stability. 

taylormade lightweight golf bag
  • The golf bag has a five-way divider top with six pockets including areas for your balls and tees.
  • The velour-lined valuables pouch keeps items clean and safe.
  • The cushioned shoulder strap system allows for easy walking along the course.
  • Addition of umbrella sleeve and rain hood offers extra protection for your set.
  • The lightweight and durable construction will last for many years.
  • Little to complain about with this affordable, top-notch stand bag that certainly ranks as one of the best all-around golf bags on the market.

Tangkula Stand Golf Bag

The Tangkula Stand Golf Bag is one of the most modestly priced lightweight golf bags on the market today. With a petite design, the stand bag is perfect for golf trips and long journeys. The four pockets offer plenty of storage for all your golf necessities.

best golf bags
  • Backpack-style shoulder strap allows for quick pickup for easy use around the course.
  • The bag has a sturdy construction with four zipper pockets for additional storage.
  • The stand bag is lightweight, weighing just 3.5 pounds.
  • Made of polyester fabric, this golf shoulder bag is sturdy enough to avoid any additional wear and tear.
  • Strap system provides extra comfort with a convenient handle on the side to quickly carry and go.
  • Great for traveling as it takes up little space in such areas as a car trunk due to its compact body.
  • Stripped down version of a stand bag, offers value but not the features of higher priced bags.

Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

With an eye on performance, the Callaway Hyper Lite is one of the best stand golf bags available for the amateur. Accessorized with a seven-way organization top and full-length dividers, golfers will be able to identify the club of their choice easily. With bells-and-whistles such as bottle openers, an integrated holder for alignment sticks and an improved waterproof pocket system to protect valuables, the Hyper Lite 5 is a terrific option for golfers looking for a stand bag.

callaway golf bag
  • The Comfort Tech strap system offers a luxurious way of carrying clubs around the course.
  • A bottle opener via utility hook offers easy opening of bottles on the course.
  • Integrated alignment stick holder allows the golfer to tote their training aids without a problem onto the range. 
  • A sophisticated and affordable bag that offers excellent amenities such as velour lined, waterproof pockets.
  • High quality and lightweight, the Hyper Lite 5 weighs five pounds.
  • Golfers don’t need to overload the bag because the seven-way organizer can get crowded. 

Sunday Golf Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag

Perfect for quick getaway days at the course, the 7” Sunday Bag is an inexpensive and lightweight golf bag that will have you feeling fresh long after walking nine holes. With a custom design that allows for the golfer to maintain a minimal amount of equipment, the 7” Sunday Golf Bag is exceptional for the beginner looking to focus on a handful of specific clubs. 

sunday golf bag
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying and a convenient handle on the side.
  • Pockets for balls, tees, divot tools, or whatever else you may need during your round.
  • Great for traveling, the bag can be folded and stored when at home.
  • Perfect those golfers who don’t want to carry a full set of clubs.
  • Although compact, the 7” Sunday golf bag provides a fabulous value for those golfers looking for the perfect lightweight golf bag.

Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

One of the most popular cart bags on the market, the Sun Mountain C130 has several brand new features that add more value to an already fantastic bag. The new Smart Strap System attaches itself to the cart using just two velcro straps which allows the bag’s pockets to be free and easily accessible. One of the best golf bags on the market regardless of style, the C130 is an excellent value for the golfer looking to make the transition to the cart-style bag.

golf bags
  • 14 full-length dividers and three integrated handles provide a variety of protection and simplicity.
  • An integrated single club well keeps your putter clean and free from bumping into other clubs in the bag.
  • New Smart Strap System uses two velcro straps on the back of the bag to attach to a cart, reducing twisting without over-tightening and closing off the putter well.
  • The reverse orientation top makes it easier to access your golf clubs while sitting in the golf cart.
  • Other than price, the C130 has no faults. It is inventive, stylish and one of the best cart bags available to the weekend warrior.

TaylorMade Flextech Golf Stand Bag

TaylorMade 2017 Flextech Stand Bag is an easy to carry stand bag that takes its’ place among the highest rated stand bags available to the weekend warrior. With a pocket system that keeps valuables safe and accessories dry, this lightweight bag is perfect for the golfer who would rather walk than ride his 18 holes. The storage system is large enough to store rain gear, umbrellas and all the balls, tees and rangefinders you could ever need for a round.

TaylorMade Standing Golf Bag
  • New Flextech Stand System features a patented smooth release and a collapsible base system to ensure clubs don't crowd or stick.
  • Dual-density comfort strap uses two materials for added comfort and a more stable carry.
  • Easy maneuvering with a top handle and a webbing trunk handle for carrying.
  • Top of the market stand bag with amenities found on most staff bags.
  • Eleven pockets and Flextech Stand System assures that clubs stay organized and minimize wear and tear.
  • Pricey addition to the best stand bags market but hard to deny that this bag is one of the best available.

TaylorMade Golf 5.0 TM Cart Bag

The TaylorMade Golf TM 5.0 Cart Golf Bag is an inexpensive option for those amateurs looking for a cart bag solution. With the storage customarily associated with a cart bag, the 5.0 also offers a velour-lined valuables pouch found in bags that cost twice as much. One of the best cart bags on the market, the 5.0 gives the golfer performance and the amenities to make sure their clubs stay pristine over the course of a round.

taylormade cart golf bag
  • 14-way divider top with three full-length dividers keep clubs segregated and protected from wear and tear.
  • Seven pockets including ball and tee pockets plus a water bottle pouch give the golfer storage for all their necessities.
  • Comes with a matching rain hood to keep the clubs dry when caught in a rain storm and free from dirt when stored.
  • Integrated handle and single strap make the 5.0 easy to remove from a car to load onto a cart.
  • Not much to dislike from the 5.0, great option if looking for a cart golf bag.

These reviewed golf bags offer tremendous flexibility and performance for your dollar. With a wide variety of amenities any one of these lightweight golf bags will satisfy your needs as you play your round.