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Where to Buy Used Golf Clubs Guide

Used golf clubs can be an easy and inexpensive way to build a golf set. With companies creating new clubs every year, there is a rush for golfers to show off the latest and greatest technology to their weekly foursome. These disregarded, yet perfectly fine used clubs find their way to reputable resellers all over the country and offer a terrific way for the weekend warrior to create a stellar set on the cheap. But before you go diving in, realize that there is a prosperous market for counterfeited golf clubs and fakes are everywhere.

Best Golf Courses in Ireland, Scotland & England

Best Golf Courses Ireland

Traveling to play the best golf courses in the world has become a popular hobby for those who love golf. In the United States alone there are hundreds of courses that believe they have an argument to be placed on the annual Top 100 lists that flood golfing magazines each year. But for those who love to combine overseas travel with a few rounds, there is no better place to start than the birthplace of the great game. Here are the top five courses to play in England, Ireland and Scotland.


Intro to Golf

golf course

A golf beginner just getting on the golf course is probably overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information they need to know before they even start swinging. Golf clubs and equipment is nothing compared to the experience and know-how while playing a good game.

Golf for Beginners

golf course

As far as introducing beginners, golf is one of those games that takes a certain kind of finesse to get into. Not only do you have to worry about buying your own golf clubs, but also golf shoes, carrying bag, and in some cases, golf balls and a course fee. All of this is incredibly daunting to a first time player, and we haven’t even gotten to the course yet!

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